Just when it seems my symptoms from this latest critical bout with multiple mental disorders is getting somewhat better…BAM!

It’s been a week of bad news. I had some bloodwork done last Friday and there are concerns with my liver. Levels indicated to my doctor that an ultrasound is needed to further diagnose what’s happening. Liver cancer is the biggest worry right there. I am waiting to hear back with a referral to get this done.

Second on the docket was my colonoscopy which was done yesterday. I had developed polyps in some numbers. They provided me with some pictures which I compared to some online provided by the Mayo Clinic. One photo from my set looks eerily like the photo that shows colon cancer.

So this cloud is hanging over me right now. You know the feeling when it seems something positive is happening only to have it beat down by some negatives? Yeah, that’s where I am at right now. It is an ugly pattern that I have seen happen over and over in my life in different ways and in different circumstances.

I am going to try and remain positive right now until I have definitive news. Thats no small task for Bipolar, PTSD, depression and anxiety battlers like you and I struggle with.



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