I don’t know what has happened but now I am officially sick. Two days post colonoscopy and they’ve both been difficult. I decided against Seroquel because we were going to go out, but here I am sick anyway. It’s meds meant to bring me health that end up being a sort of enemy to my well-being.

Update: I am getting an Ultrasound next Wednesday for my liver, because of some blood-test results being questionable. I am awaiting pathology on polyps from my colonoscopy as well. Big week. Since I didn’t take my sleep med, I got little rest last night but it still beats the grogginess the pills cause.

Now I just remembered I was supposed to go to a local hospital to be checked for PAD (Peripheral Arterial Disease) or circulation issues at 8 am. Risk factors include anyone over the age of 50 with diabetes, a history of smoking or coronary heart disease, high blood pressure or cholesterol, obesity and a family history of PAD. Yes, obesity because though I look pretty good, at 255 lbs I am technically obese. I called and I can get in still. Test complete and I passed with flying colors, and, the physician said I am not obese.  I was only going by charts, he said I was in better shape than he is!

Spent the early day out. Went to a farmers market, took a walk in the hipster part of town, got a donut, looked at neighborhoods. One of these days we are getting a house!

Ok, well, time to rest a bit. My stomach is really sour.


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