A Game of Cat and Mouse

I know I said this blog was moving toward vlogging and other video content but I am not quite ready to go. So I will write this quickie just to express my frustration.

Sleep. We all need it, it’s something we really cannot do without, but I am. You see, it is a game in which we experiment as to what medications will work together and which ones won’t. It is trial and error as to what medications work on me at all first, then combining them for the best possible overall effect.

Right now the effect is sleeplessness.

If I take the sleep med prescribed I sleep, but I am groggy all day long. If I take a half-dose, I am groggy for a few hours after I get up. If I take nothing, yep, I am up blogging about at 4 a.m. Three hours of sleep isn’t enough for me. It was 15 years ago, but not now.

Monday I see my psychiatrist and we will talk about this once again. I can only hope we figure it out because I will most likely be returning to work in a couple weeks.

For the moment the game continues, so far I am losing. It is unclear whether I am the cat or the mouse.


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