Who Shall Help the Helpless?

I was wondering today… am I the helpless or the helper? I do not know the answer.

Sometimes I feel like I am the least of those able to provide strength and truth to the lives of others. But there are also times power invades my spirit and confidence overwhelms. I have come to a realization, that is, none of us are ever one or the other.  

It doesn’t matter if we are strong or weak, knowledgeable or clueless, even if we are looked to to have all the answers. We fulfill both roles at different times, and even sometimes simultaneously.

I can accept that I don’t know it all, even in areas that I purpose to have knowledge. Knowledge, after all, isn’t necessarily the pinnacle of anything. There are many components to the ability to provide help to others, compassion, empathy, love, respect, truth, wisdom and many more.

So today I take some of the pressure off myself and realize that I alone cannot provide all the answers. It takes a joint effort.

If you like me have experienced being sexually abused as a child, you have discovered things about yourself and others that can be of help. Even if you think that most days you’re under the cloud and weight of it all.

Let’s help each other find the path to sanity, health, balance, happiness and peace.



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