Holiday Weekends are Made for…

It depends on the holiday really, but most are created to give pause and reflect on something important. Too often these thoughts never enter our minds as we enjoy an extra day to pursue our own interests.

People with a closer connection to this Mondays Memorial Day holiday will be focusing on remembering loved ones who have served and died in military service. This is something all of us can do of course. Many churches ask those who have served or are currently serving to stand and be acknowledged by a round of applause. There will be parades and cookouts, flags will be proudly displayed at their homes and also placed on innumerable graves around the nation.

Unfortunately I can personally say many of these holidays have passed without even a fleeting thought of the memorial, shame on me.

Tomorrow, I will take a drive and pay my respects to west Michigan veterans at the local cemetery. Thankful for their sacrifice that was given, as Lincoln said, “the last full measure of devotion.” Lives given for a philosophy of freedom and strength, justice, and peace.

Our country has many problems, there are major divisions in our political parties and huge issues to be dealt with. Yet I am grateful for each man and woman who served and continue to give their all so we can live free in this great country.


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