Martin Luther King got this Right!

I am not a student of MLK, and I admit I need to learn more about this great man. There are many things he accomplished and many amazing speeches he made during his time cut short on this Earth. It might have been his forthrightness that hastened his assassination, his fight for justice and equality in a time that was literally inflammatory.

Today I heard a quote and looked it up to verify it, its powerful sentiment grabbed ahold of me as I concurred with its power. Read this carefully:

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

Do you understand the meaning here? I will use it in the cases of sexual abuse that has gone unreported, perpetrators running free to abuse again, and victims left mortally wounded and alone. People misunderstood by their peers because they can’t conceive why they act like they do.

When a child is abused they are forever and profoundly changed, right through their adolescence to their elderly years.

Its not their fault, at all! Yet they are accused of a lack of forgiveness for their abuser. They struggle with mental health issues, physical health issues, relationship issues and it is forever and always with them.

Reread that quote and tell me again to forgive. My father, the killer of his oldest sons hopes and dreams, never suffered a minute in jail, or the embarrassment of his crime. But I have been saddled with it and the horrific effects my entire life. I’ll say it again.

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere

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