Know Thyself

I am at a moment of truth for myself right now. In the wake of another blood test I am having some health problems that could prove to be extremely serious, even life threatening. I thought maybe there is something going on under unseen, I wondered aloud as to whether I had an answer. Still the phrase states…

Know Thyself.

Its at this threshold of truth that I have to look myself squarely in the eyes and ask if I truly want to live or not. Am I willing to change my lifestyle to extend my life? Maybe you should ask yourself this same question. There is more than one way to kill oneself.

Does the smile and easy going nature shroud a still lethal attitude beneath the surface? Have we succumbed to the expectations of society in appearances yet still not care about living or dying? I believe this is possible, even likely when there is deep and unresolved trauma and pain.

For me, there is much to work through so the danger lingers like the smell of death itself. It is a time that requires great care. Without any changes I put myself at risk, so I ask, do I care or not?

Thats when I remember I have drawn a line in the sand. There is a basic expectation I have of myself to not give up. To alwaysRISE…always. That means a unyielding drive to get up everyday and make progress towards my goals. They aren’t what they once were, and that’s ok.

Know thyself my friends.



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