Living in the Age of Feelings

I’m Kinda over this whole “feelings” thing our society has engendered. Since when did we become so fragile and unable to deal with real life? Its like we live in a world populated by children without the range of experience to know when something really requires that feelings be triggered.

I write about my sexual abuse and how it has affected me today. This isn’t some, “they looked at me funny so now I feel unsafe” bullshit. Heck, I made an off the cuff statement at work about wanting to kill myself and I got written up for it, no one actually asked if I was ok. I was offended by that more than the original offense.

The fact is you can’t have it both ways. You can’t claim your feelings are hurt and then expect to be taken seriously with what bothers you. Grow an adult point of view and pull up your britches, you’re a big person now so let’s talk it out. Let’s be considerate, sure, but damn, get some thick skin for a change. You don’t have to run off and tattle on every little thing, if it bothers you have a conversation!!!

Theres a thought!

Its not so hard to, always Rise (above the pettiness) ..always!


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