I Shoulda Stopped Chewing on those Guitar Knobs

We have a cat by the name of Kona. She is a full-blooded cat that comes with all the characteristics of same. She likes to claw everything, she loves to attack Asia, our other cat, with zero provocation, and she has a particular taste for the knobs on my bass guitar.

For that reason I have banned her from my office when I am not present. She can’t be trusted, hell, she sat there right in front of me and went to town on those bad boys!

It became a lesson to me and my relationship with my wife. I have proven on more than one occasion that I am not trustworthy in certain circumstances. I don’t like it but I have done it to myself. I can’t Blame her I made the choices! I am essentially banned from the room!

That little image helps me understand the process of trust.

Kona is also the most loving cat in that when you pick her up she rubs her head against yours just purring away. She loves to sit on your lap and snuggle, you name it. Thats all good, but she still isn’t allowed in my room alone when I am not there.

Okay, just call me Kona and be done with it. I get it now, I get it.



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