Betrayal, the Gift that Keeps on Giving

There is a reason people don’t stay together after a betrayal, every day is a constant reminder of the dirty deed. Whether you are the betrayer or betrayed its ever-present and only a moment from escalating any situation.

Today I was reminded of my deed of shame, its like a knife that’s permanently stuck in you getting turned. Let me make it clear, I am guilty of wrong doing and not trying to diminish the fact. To live with a betrayer must be extremely painful at times, frankly, I am amazed we are together.

It’s really hard and takes two special people to be willing to work at the relationship. Imagine your relationship and all the stresses it has. Financial, work, family, etc…its pretty damn tough! Now add a betrayal by one or the other, with that dynamic, would the marriage survive?

People called friends stopped associating with each of us over this. Some had pledged to hang in with us through anything. Thats hard. Support that was promised was withdrawn, wow. I guess they all live in a fantasy world in which problems don’t exist. I would think had this happened in your life you NEED those people to provide support.

We are doing the hard work that you can’t even imagine doing. I guess that might make us stronger than anyone else in our lives.

Hey, you always did the right thing even though you had the chance not too? Kudos to you, may you never have to live with this.


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