The process of negotiating the labyrinth of depression, bipolar, anxiety and PTSD is fraught with danger. Not all of them are readily visible as inherently dangerous, but they all are. I was thinking of a few of them today.

  • Knowing myself
  • Fighting for myself
  • Being understood by those close to me
  • Helping shape the worlds perception of me
  • Taking my therapy sessions seriously
  • Knowing it takes as long as it takes
  • Giving myself a break in expectations
  • Realize it is a wholly different world for me
  • Learning to rest

Danger exists in all these things, for if they aren’t bucking current and entrenched trends they are digging deep into a murky past. Everyday I face a new battle with myself. My mental strength wanes easily, and where the mind goes the body follows. If my thinking becomes stifled, then I will be limited in my accomplishments.

The most looming danger I face is a mind erosion. It is simply believing that I can actually be better than I am. It is 40+ years of learning the wrong way and now trying to reprogram. Thats tough, and I am old. My propensity is to give up quickly out of the exhaustion of my mind. It isn’t strong in any sense, but flabby and out of shape.

So I am understanding the dangers and this will help me find solutions to my long-standing problems. This is why somedays I feel like living is pointless, while other days I feel mighty, with everything in-between.


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