Can you Comprehend an Entire Life?

I have written before about life sentences right here.

When you kill you get life, often with no chance of parole. For those who were sexually abused as children, they serve a silent life sentence too. No family speak on the behalf of the victim, there is no publicity, there is no smoking gun. Yet, the victim is left counting the minutes, days, months and years of a life forever impacted by a despicable act(s).

Think about it and ask yourself why you do not care. You care for an abused puppy, or a mistreated customer, or for someone who has been in an accident. But you may not care about the lives lost to sexual abuse.

How many great writers, scientists, physicians, world leaders, artist, philanthropists and many others were stymied early in life. How many marriages were destroyed, careers crushed when no one knew why. I know that I will never reach my potential, and it isn’t for a lack of effort. I can accept this now when I couldn’t for so very long.

This is no longer an issue of forgiveness but it will always be an issue of justice.

In accepting my limitations it does not mean that I am ok with them. It does not mean I don’t have many days of great despair. It does not mean that I wouldn’t rather die than go on. I am trapped in a swirling vortex dragging me down. I fight when I am able, and slip when I am not.

So just remember that image of a child being sent off to prison, never again to see the light of day or savor the sweet taste of freedom.


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