A Little Something for the Drama Free Crowd

I see all these posts and gifs and quotes about wanting to be drama free. I think we need to agree on a definition of what drama is first. The dictionary says:

“an exciting, emotional, or unexpected series of events or set of circumstances.”

Sounds like a normal bit o’ life to me. Whats so bad about it really? Ohhhh you say drama from the baby momma. I get that but hell, drama is a little thing we call LIFE!

If you want no drama, hitch up your horse and carriage and head up into the hills of West Virginia or some such place out West or, up north. Smash your phone, get rid of your t.v. and cut off all communication with that little group of people called the human race.

I am frankly disgusted by those who think themselves too good for real life. I’ve known a few of you who cut out when the going gets tough and won’t even have a conversation to clear things up. I am talking petty crap. You be making it all drama and shit!

So take your self-important, me first, I’m better than everyone else attitude and go bye-bye. I only need the people in my life who know it is sometimes hell on earth, and people make mistakes, and you gotta work through some things. Damn, grow a pair for once.


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