There’s Nothing Worse

I am (temporarily) a member of a social media group for people who’ve experienced traumas of many kinds. It is overtly spiritually based and that’s the reason I will be leaving. However it was a quote on todays page that particularly bothered me.

“Some people don’t want to get fixed because being broken gets them more attention.”

This is patently absurd on every level. The problem is who is to say who is seriously wounded to the point they are unable to move, at least for some period of time. I admit I am not a fan of quote journalism. Its too big an issue to be fixed so simply. Some have multiple fronts to battle and can only take on one at a time. It is no-one else’s place to judge anothers progress or lack thereof.

“Some people” another generalization that only divides us. “Don’t want to get fixed” there are those so wounded they cannot conceive of being well, ever! “Being broken gets them more attention” don’t get me started here.

I absolutely HATE when people put up quotes and then pat themselves on the back. I never met a clever quote that fixed anything of importance.


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