We Are Many

I haven’t written for a few days, my moral and motivation are rather low. My energy level is virtually non-existent.  As I contemplate writing a book (and I have made a few starts) I am trying to figure out how to do it and from what angle. Its got to be good, I cannot put forth a half-assed effort that will be summarily dismissed by everyone, especially those I am targeting.

The group I am looking to hit is two fold. The abused who identify with my journey and the people who have it in themselves to make a difference for them going forward.

People who have been abused deserve to be heard, their voices have been silenced too long. Do you think we’ve heard from them? What makes the news is a drop in the bucket as to the number of those who suffer alone, and in silence.

I am one of them and I sense a responsibility to be vocal and push this agenda.  If there is any strength left in me it is to fight on behalf of the crushed and abandoned.

If you care not about this subject and are fully engaged elsewhere, that’s just fine. This space and this life are dedicated solely to this cause. You won’t get sunshine, rainbows and unicorns here everyday, but what you will get is current news and my observations and thoughts on behalf of the abused.

We are many and we matter.


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