Wrapping Up

Tomorrow will be my 6th day in partial hospitalization, it will also be my last one, for this stint.

The structure has helped, hearing the troubles of others has too. Group discussions have created a sense of purpose by opening up to one another. We are helping each other.

There is more help among the wounded than there is among the so called whole. We don’t act like we are all together and have no worries or faults. We know we’re stuck, suicidal, hopeless, angry and fearful. These are the strongest most courageous people you’ll ever meet.

Tonight I will work on my safety plan, it is a synopsis of my struggles and ways to deal with it and get through the times of greatest difficulty. It’s not a contract but it is a possible way of escape.

I applied for Social Security Disability yesterday so now I will be trying to work through that. From all I’ve heard it won’t be fun and it won’t be quick. But hey, time is what I have at the moment.


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