A Story of Truth

There once was a boy, innocent and pure, unworried about the path that was before him. He had no idea of what real pain was, of what true fear and terror could be. He walked free without a care, for what could possibly remove him from the protection of his mother and father?

After all, thats what parents are for, they brought you into this world and they posses a sacred trust to do anything and everything for their children. But this is merely a fiction because the boy eventually realized he was not to be protected from all evil. No, he was given completely to evil and its voracious appetite.

This little boy grew up in an environment of  toxic death, stealing his soul day by day, week after week. He learned there was no protection he could find shelter in, no haven in which his soul could find respite. No joy, no peace, no love.

Let it be said for all to hear that parents who give their children over to evil deserve no better than any criminal who takes a life.

My life was sealed in those early years. My destiny was decided for me at the lustful whim of a perpetrator blinded by his own perverted desires. It was sanctified by a woman afraid to rescue her child for fear of loss of her personal comfort. This child had his own crippled view of the world. He was let loose on society with no idea of how his fate was decided.

After making every mistake a man could and still be free and walking upright, he collapsed in the wake of his own misdeeds. His mind, tortured for decades was broken, his will completely gone, his strength evaporated into the air. There was nothing left for which to live. His “sins” all weighed him down, crushing his bones into dust.


Here is where he now lays, solitary and removing himself from his former existence. No one knows where this will lead in the fullness of time. How…when…why….where….? There is a loss of self, no identity, no answers, no future…No.


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