Paranoia Kills

“A Cambridge University student died after falling out of a plane above Madagascar last Thursday, the police say.
Alana Cutland, 19, forced the plane’s door open and fell more than 3,500 feet to her death, a local police chief, Sinola Nomenjahary, told The Sun.
Cutland was eight days into a six-week research trip in the country, The Sun reported.
Nomenjahary told The Sun that Cutland had had five “paranoia attacks” during the trip…”

Paranoia attacks

Why was she not receiving mental health care for these attacks? Where were the parents, the people around her that witnessed her attacks and did nothing? This further shows the stigma of mental health issues. She jumped to her death and no one saw the warning signs? Yes, this happens every day in our country more than you know. People are so close to losing it goes on ignored for the sake of peoples rights. She could be alive today.


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