Rebuilding That Junker

I have this weird fascination with watching motorcycle rebuilding videos. Taking that old used and abused bike and bringing it back to life.

I was sitting in therapy today and wondering out-loud if there is a reason for this, one beyond just passing all these hours I have. Just maybe there is, maybe.

When you find a bike thats been sitting out in the elements for a few years you will see there are a lot of issues to address. That motor has corroded, the gas and brake lines are rotted, the fluids are full of impurities, tons of parts internally need cleaning or replacing. The tires won’t hold air, the Chrome is all pitted, the electrical system is probably a total mess. How about those brakes too?

Ok apply all that to a person.

Hopefully the parallels are fairly obvious. I have been sitting in the elements for a really long time. Just about everything has become dilapidated and broken. It’s going to take time, effort, there will be setbacks, part replacement, elbow grease needed and unexpected situations never accounted for.

Thats Me. I’m in this process, working on dismantling this old wreck and seeing what can be saved and what needs replacing. I feel like I am just getting started too. So, you can be patient with me or not, I don’t really care, this all has to happen if I am gonna ever get back on the road again.


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