Backed into a Corner

This is a followup to the the post called The Financial Side of Mental Illness. Received are the deadlines to start eviction proceedings. This Friday, should we not pay our rent up to date, they will begin.

The financial cost of mental illness is staggering, at least it has been for me. This is just the latest brush with complete and utter collapse that has invaded this jumbled up life.

Today is critical. Will our short term disability provider call and say they have approved my most recent extension or will it be denied? Our lives hang in the balance right now. Will we be saved or thrown into utter chaos?

This is the life of a person stricken with mental illness.

So while you may be upset you haven’t had your coffee, or its only Tuesday of the work week, we see life that could go in any direction with no idea which way things will fall.

Taking a deep breath and starting my day. Fingers crossed.


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