Big non-word, bigger meaning.

Questioning the meaning of life is essentially going to take you in circles. Especially if you leave the religious component outside the argument.

I am questioning the big picture and though I am not the first to do so, it is no less important to go through the exercise. In its simplest form life is a series of events that begins with birth and ends in death. What is accomplished while here is of little consequence but for the exceptional, living in exceptional times. Otherwise life is a series of ups and downs and successes and failures, year after year.

Most don’t spend too much time thinking about their place in the grand scheme of things because it will just throw you into depression. Unless you are happy with whatever circumstance you find yourself in, you are doomed.

I am here, but I find little reason for being here.

I don’t need to go into all the reasons for this for someone to totally identify with me. I ask you, what’s the point? If you define living the way I do you would ask that same question.

I have made a royal mess of things, there is anxiety for each day, I live in a place highly charged with doubt about myself and my motives. I don’t see and feel relief, I go from catastrophe to catastrophe and the heightened sense of dread that goes with it. I have reached my existentialimit. I am here for no good purpose, I fear the future and regret my past.

The simple equation is you’re born, you live, you die. Everything in-between dictates the quality and indeed the efficacy of that life.


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