Too Many Chances?

I think I know why I am in this deep depression that won’t lift.

In the grand scheme of things I could handle one or two major failings and not be stuck here. I mean everyone makes mistakes, everyone fails at something at some point, thats just life. I have had a lot of opportunities over an extended period of time. My greatest failure occurred in my waining years and put a stake through the heart of hope to once and for all kill my aspirations.

I got to thinking I was going to be able to recover from things. It isn’t like I was just burning chances for the hell of it, it took time to recover and feel the motivation to try again. But I would.

It was when I had the opportunity of my life and sabotaged it that I fell down into a bottomless pit. I am still falling.

So the question is, can you have too many chances? My answer is no, but the danger is there when you do. My advice to anyone who might listen, don’t ever take a new opportunity for granted. It may be your last.




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