Depression Isolates You

When you suffer depression you become an island surrounded by shark-infested waters.  The sadness and blanket of hopelessness hides you from others and separates you from them. No one wants to be around a downer. No one. Look in a mirror that’s you too. So people aren’t beating down my door to get ahold of me.

Hell, even the Christians say only hang around people who make you a “better Christian.” Yeah, Christians can really suck sometimes. So having banked my entire life inside the Christian church means I am doubly cast off.

Theres nothing for me here, thats why so many off themselves. Nothing to look forward to, no one showing any care or concern, just silence day after day.

Thats what you think we want and you’d be partially right. Its just we don’t know how to reach out and truthfully there’s nothing within us that can sum up the fortitude. Isolation becomes our only friend, and our most deadly enemy.

Theres some information for you. Now, if you know someone with depression why not reach out and keep reaching out? Because thats what it will take to maybe even save a life.


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