Update #…I don’t Know!

Got my paperwork completed! This evaluation I am going to undergo has all kinds of different information I need to provide. From the basics to a synopsis of what led to where I find myself and release of documentation forms for several different providers so they can gather the stuff needed.


Now I just need to do some calculations and see where we are financially. Once the $1100 is raised we can begin. I emailed them and asked what I can expect to pay for this process and they were non-committal. Gave me a number of between the $1,100 and $2,500 on average. That sounds about right, taking into consideration all that has to be done.

Feeling a little less overwhelmed and ready to step forward and get this done. Grateful for the help that has been provided and hoping this evaluation will provide the long-term relief I have been seeking.

Status update: Still struggling with some suicidal thoughts, fear, anxiety, nightmares, obvious depression.  Hopeful that continued treatment and medication management will provide a foundation for improvement.



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