The Unknown

Our future is so undefined. We make a plan and we think we know how it is going to all work out. But lurking in the shadows is an unknown force that purely exists to decimate our plans. This dark entity has just one goal and that is to disrupt all that is good and all that will bring joy and peace.

Sinister, ‘aint it? You are damn straight it is.

The form it takes is the most frightening you can imagine, and is unique to you and your life. This unknown creature is ever present and ready to disturb your plans and dreams. Sometimes it appears as an innocent broken washing machine or leaky roof, then others as a dark shadow in the night that hovers and invades your physical being.

This unknown makes life difficult and then unbearable, never relenting. Some of us end up losing our minds, disassociating from life to survive. This dark ether, if in its formless nature could smile and laugh, would double over and pee its pants in glee.

Be careful that this enemy of life doesn’t destroy yours.  It is sneaky and subversive, disguised as something good and reasonable.

Some wold say I describe Satan here, that is your choice as to what you wish to name it. I choose to call it, the unknown.



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