Lets Briefly Talk about Suicide

Have you ever had something happen that you say to yourself, that’s not a coincidence? I did yesterday when I debated whether or not to buy an incredibly shrinking local Sunday paper. Short story, I did, and there was an article that I am glad I found.

The story is about suicide and in case you get it, it was in the Sunday edition of the Grand Rapids Press on September 8.

There is a lot to process but I want to share with you a couple things from this story.

First some statistics:

  • 130 Americans commit suicide every day
  • 47,000 Americans committed suicide in 2017
  • 1.4 million survived suicide in 2017

These numbers are enormous considering the 33% rise in suicide since 1999 and its our countries 10th leading cause of death.

One more important stat is that 90% of people who die by suicide have a diagnosable mental condition. You read that right, 90%. 

The stigma around suicide is huge. We say someone ‘committed suicide’ because it used to be considered a crime and sin. Churches wouldn’t even let people who did it be buried in their cemeteries.

Please have some compassion and understanding for those suffering beyond what you can even conceive of.


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