It Went Sideways

I started a gofundme page to pay for the retainer to get psychological forensic testing. People came together to give and I was able to get the testing done by putting $1100 up.

Then came the phone call today

Possibly the worst news I could have received. While Pine Rest believes my symptoms of depression, anxiety and bipolar are legit, my testing was so “pronounced” that I register on the “rare” end of the spectrum. They said with the way I answered would normally be someone as someone who is actually inpatient. Therefor they will not be able to produce a report that will be helpful to me in requesting disability. They will communicate with my psychiatrist and therapist and reinforce my symptoms and conditions however.

How do people that test at the extremes of something get the help they need? I am confused and disheartened by this result. I don’t know what I did wrong. I answered at least 500 written questions to the best of my ability. Wow. I guess its back to my psychiatrist and trying to do this thing the hard way.

I am numb.


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