The Art of the Deposition

Being a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, I am keenly aware of the legal proceedings against the Catholic Church. It came to light in the early 2000’s that there was rampant and unchecked sexual abuse of minors worldwide by priests.

Last night I watched nearly three hours of a former priests testimony when he was questioned about accusations and lawsuits against him concerning abuse over a 40 year period. He was evaluated and moved and he was sued and accused. The church was negligent and passive regarding most of his exploits. He sat there claiming a lack of memory, laughed openly, and in its final moments was extremely calloused. There was a smugness and aloof attitude, in essence he felt untouchable.

Let me tell you something about not just this priest but the many I have observed. All these events are traumatic and life changing for people. The fact that priests never and I mean NEVER remember anything about these events is a joke. Think back to impactful events in your life, generally we have hyper memory, details are crystal clear and unmuddled.

Let’s just throw out a standard answer like “I don’t remember, without seeing documents I cannot comment accurately.” You know he damn well remembers and is using legal loopholes to evade answering questions which may implicate him.

Why is the church allowing someone who has no recollection of such important events to continue to function in such an important position. I might also say that they remember a lot of things that, in my opinion are not nearly as important. This is the life of an offender. Hiding behind an inability to remember, evading answers and lacking empathy.

Earlier I mentioned a specific priest callousness. At the end of his deposition, he was given a letter, it was written by one of the John Doe’s accusing him of abuse. It was the letter left when the person committed suicide. It was read to him and he was asked what it made him feel. He said, “nothing.” One word that reveals the heart of a sinister stalker and abuser.

I am sickened by the Catholic Church.


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