Fading Into Oblivion

I am feeling that my return to work is going to cause me to be sucked into the rat race and tear the will from me to write. I have lost the battle for my mental health, and the strength I have will now be poured into the daily grind. Going back in a transitional sense, gradually upping the hours over the course of a month, should help. It would be hard to just pop back on the scene and be working full-time hours.

What will my writing look like going forward? Should I continue to fight for mental health, for those depressed, suicidal, lost, and going through the motions? Or going back to work, is this me waving the white flag? I know my issues aren’t over. I know there will be days, horribly taxing and debilitating days that I will have to survive. But I am not terribly worried, I have my wife, my kids, my friends and those who read my blog to relate my life to.


Thank you.



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