A Meaningful Life

We all deep down want to accomplish something special. At lease that’s what I believe.  My struggle for worth and purpose is all tied up in it. To this point I have sabotaged my meaningful chances and that is a destructive thing, personally. It has eroded my strength and self-confidence. Now, even the job I go to every day is a source of anxiety and fear. Will my work be good enough or will I mess up again?

Maybe it’s because I forsook my “calling” and settled for something far less. Now I exhaust myself everyday and dread the next. It’s vicious and on rewind.

Is it too late? Can I still make an imprint on this world that I am proud of? I want to believe that the gifts that lie dormant deep inside can be brought back to life again, but I am afraid to dream. I wouldn’t even know where to start.

A meaningful life may be possible but I certainly don’t think it has been to this point. Getting back on track seems beyond reason. Is it? For some of us I truly believe the answer is no, but is that the answer for me? Has my time come and gone and along with it my last chance?

Hard to answer, even harder to put strength and effort too. Just the musings of my Thanksgiving night.



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