The River

Life flows like a river with all the obstacles one would expect to encounter along the way. Rocks, trees and garbage dumped into its fluidity. Sometimes the water flows very slowly and at other times it rampages at a breakneck speed. It can be fraught with danger and also very boring depending on where you are in the journey.

Life is like a river. Where do you find yourself? Smooth waters, rough flowing rapids?Hanging on for your life or enjoying a leisurely pace? Does it seem like it has been forever since you had a rest, or more like, when will things ever speed up?

Such is the character of the river, our lives.

We find ourselves on the river but with little choice of where we are on its undulating current. There is a danger that if we get off the river during a slow time we may never again enter it and move along. There is also a fear that when we find ourselves pushed along by the racing waters we will be drowned by the unforgiving waves and dashed on the rocks.

Life is like a river, how is your journey going?

I feel like I exited the river, that now I watch as others go by. But that’s me, thats where I find myself. I struggled to reach the shore during rough waters and to enter its flow again means to slip into its frenetic pace. I fear that, I fear for my life. But what choice is there? Stay and slowly die or jump in and risk another form of death?

Life flows like a river and its never the same for any two people. So, where are you and can you deal with it? May I say it doesn’t matter if you think you can or not, its still going to carry you along. The river never stops completely but when’s it’s time to be over, life that is, it will just end and you will be dead.

Do you care? Do you think about it? Are you concerned about what you’ve been through or are yet to encounter? I am probably overthinking this and you most likely agree with that assessment. But that won’t stop me from contemplating this mystery called life.


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