Justice, Judgement, Mercy and Forgiveness

These words have been rattling around in my brain as of late. I am applying them to not only myself but those who have harmed me. I admit there is some question as to whether or not any or all of them are part of my conversation. This may sound confusing, let me attempt to clarify.

In our lives we are confronted with all these principles, we have situations where we deserve judgement, that someone else should be accorded justice. But then the words Forgiveness and mercy flood into the situation and the undeserving receive clemency. We don’t always agree with the verdicts and the way in which they are meted out. But I would suggest that there are situations in which justice must be granted, and judgement must be made.

Justice defined is the administering of deserved punishment or award. Judgement is an opinion or conclusion. Judgement in and of itself is not granting justice to an individual, it is merely a conclusion drawn void of punishment or award. Therefor justice is the action emerging out of judgement.

There is a song I have heard and it says mercy triumphs over judgement. I am having some trouble with that. I seek mercy and forgiveness for what I have done but at the same time I want justice for what has been done to me. It gets confusing and I wonder do I deserve judgement and justice for my sins? If in fact I want that for others.

I would have to say we must leave it all to God. We live as best we can, do what we believe to be right to the best of our flawed human abilities and leave it to the only true judge. You may judge me as being incapable of something because of a wrong I have committed. That is your opinion or judgement. Those who have harmed me I will leave to their creator and I will seek a new word in action, reconciliation.

I am a flawed person but I am also a son of God. I will seek restoration in the eyes of God alone. Those who have harmed me I will leave to their own fate. Thats between them and their maker.


One thought on “Justice, Judgement, Mercy and Forgiveness

  1. The amazing thing about God, He knows our faults better than we do. Yet, He loves us unconditionally faults and flaws!
    All because of His amazing Grace!
    G.R.A.C.E. – God’s Riches At Christ’s Expense! My home pastor taught us that!


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