Directional Recalibration

Changing direction isn’t as easy as it might seem.

It means there must be change at the core of who I am. It is that deep and complete, it is returning to a way of life that I existed in for many years. Its refuting statements that kept me at arms length from religious beliefs and people. It is embracing spirituality with complete abandon. It is transparency in the process just as I have established these last few years in my blog.

Its changing my job so I can attend church. It’s giving of my time so I can again join the worship team. It is a deeper relationship with God than I have ever had before. Trusting, believing, faithful, studying, working to be a man who will have the ability to enhance the life of others. Able to speak to people on terms that are real, because I have been there myself. Transparent to the point of letting others know I understand where they are personally.

The point is that while I retain the ability to be seen through, It’s enhanced by a deep desire to help others. Through worship, through one on one conversations, by writing here, working with men, any means possible.

Transparency is intentionally baring your soul to the world by showing your true self to others. Most people hide their essence in fear of rejection, lack of self-confidence, broken-hearted, or lack of fulfillment in life; there are many reasons a person will hold back who they are.

Found the above while researching transparency. Thats who I am and who I want to be to you and everyone I meet. So yes its a total recalibration from there to here. And quite frankly that’s all that matters.


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