My Thoughts of a Pandemic World

I am sure you are eager to get my thoughts on the current crisis, not really, but I thought I would contribute to the dialog.

As I observe the climate from News radio, my household and the world (Facebook) at large, there is a great disparity of reaction to the pandemic. Right now it’s the “get back to life” push from what appears to be the political right following the urging of the President.

The left though is critical of everything the President does and the conservative news outlets congratulate his choices and his plentiful rants against any of those who question his decisions both past and present.

To find balance in all this it requires taking blinders off and opening ones mind to facts. Not easy for either the right or left.

It does appear we could have reacted quicker to the initial warning signs that the Coronavirus was a potential pandemic waiting to happen. I find it difficult to swallow that our political leadership would make light of the coming scourge if they knew its full capability.  And yet they did.

I also tire of the drumbeat from CNN dissecting and accusing as a matter of principle, damning the administration and their casual response to the coming danger.

I guess that somewhere in the middle lies the fault, the truth and the facts that can later be debated. For now, lets support our governors and understand the great responsibility they have in ensuring we open things back up safely. Let’s keep the families who have lost loved ones in the cruelest way in our prayers. Let’s resist jumping on any bandwagon, but tint our views with compassion for the world and its many sick. Let’s finally be a little less selfish in our thinking and consider this is a worldwide epidemic.

For my part I continue to work, I am not sick and I am getting paid. I have zero grounds for complaining. I urge us all to keep a worldview and be patient and supportive of those infected. Lastly, let there be some amount of trust that things are in the hands of greater minds than ours and that God is over all things.


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