Searching for…


In a world that goes from disaster to calamity to outrage how can we as simple individuals find relevance?

In isolation there is a degree of safety but along with that is a distinct lack of connection. My connections are severely limited, but in closer proximity to people I have found misunderstanding, offense, ambivalence.

So I guess I am not searching for relevance, and in that is found the problem. Yes there is danger in closeness, but to be distant finds its own set of problems. It’s up to each of us as to what we want.

I am sacrificing my relevance for the somewhat mythical place of isolation. I still have to interact with people but I can control the level of connection. Thereby I can keep things at my comfort level.

Now I have eliminated relevance for, well, nothingness. I am just a wisp of smoke in the eyes of others, here and gone in a second. Hm, well, there you have it.



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