The Stuff

I am surrounded by things I have put value on. My guitars, my stereo and records, my clothes, my electronics, all of it. Like you, I know that these things don’t provide anything tangible in the way of lasting joy, peace, satisfaction, and security. Yet I pile them up in a vain attempt to fill voids, cover over wounds, and give the appearance of a normal life.

The stuff isn’t needed but its necessary. You get what I am saying? If I didn’t chase the things I would go crazy stuck within myself and the nights and terrors I face constantly. The stuff has a purpose. It helps me handle life a little bit. It doesn’t however fix anything.

The stuff will stay, heck I might run out today and add to the stuff. But I fight against mental illness on many fronts and stuff is just one of them.

Its like that clothespin picture, do you really need another one? The answer is yes.



One thought on “The Stuff

  1. For some things I find there are moments in time connected to them.
    Certain records, songs, etc., remind us of a moment that was meaningful to us.
    There are songs when I hear them remind me of my daughter the year that she was born. They were the chart toppers on the radio.
    It is hard to let go of things when it draws out certain emotions within us.

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