Healthy Changes

It has been another long break from writing, just waiting on a reason to put something out there. It’s time.

I have worked the last five years for a company that deals with the public. Every day was a new challenge and truly never the same. I was in a management position and had, in addition, multiple responsibilities and problems to process. It became increasingly untenable and I was suffering depression as well as difficulties with my manager. There was really only one solution, and that was to step back from my place in leadership.

What a relief!

I have been in management for decades, and for the most part it was OK, with a few exceptions. It was what I expected of myself, and to take a “lesser” position seemed to be admitting failure. But this time it didn’t.

I needed a job that I could just go to, do my scheduled duty, and clock out; not worrying about what I did or didn’t do right. One of the best decisions I have ever made, and supported by my wife. We had many discussions and worked through the changes ahead of time. My coworkers were very supportive and once they got used to me being a “regular” guy, all is well.

So I find my life to be more relaxed and enjoyable. I can breathe on my weekends and don’t dread going to work. Being a manager is fine, but the time of life I find myself in and through the challenges I have had to endure, this is just the right thing at the right time.


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