Justice, Judgement, Mercy and Forgiveness

These words have been rattling around in my brain as of late. I am applying them to not only myself but those who have harmed me. I admit there is some question as to whether or not any or all of them are part of my conversation. This may sound confusing, let me attempt to … Continue reading Justice, Judgement, Mercy and Forgiveness

Another shelf

Two weeks ago today I began a specific waiting process. It was then that I began to feel ill and indeed to this day I am not yet right. It was on the heels of writing the lyrics to a song called WAIT, I had no idea what that would mean until now. You see, … Continue reading Another shelf

Maintenance Day Song Lyrics

Wait Words by Chris Ripley Verse 1 Trying to be silent when all I want to do is talk, Quiet and waiting though my mind is full of thoughts. How can I hear you if I’m never listening? Afraid of the answers my obedience will bring. Chorus 1 So I’ll wait, I’ll wait to hear … Continue reading Maintenance Day Song Lyrics


There is nothing in me, I am a hollow man. Empty and unable to feel anything passionately, I walk this Earth as a meaningless and nearly invisible entity. My ability to give anything is not in question when there's no substance from which to draw. This is getting to be a frustrating way to live. … Continue reading Grrr.

The Art of the Deposition

Being a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, I am keenly aware of the legal proceedings against the Catholic Church. It came to light in the early 2000's that there was rampant and unchecked sexual abuse of minors worldwide by priests. Last night I watched nearly three hours of a former priests testimony when he was … Continue reading The Art of the Deposition

It’s Important to Clarify Some Things

When you write and ramble on like I do it can muddy the perceptions of what you are trying to say. I admit to being all over the board but thats just me dealing with stuff day to day on my journey. I felt it was time to clarify some things. I don't blame God … Continue reading It’s Important to Clarify Some Things