I Should Have Been Aborted

Right now, in our country, the debate is raging over who should be our next president. One of the most polarizing issues is based on the ever caustic arguments over abortion rights. Well, I am going to put a twist on this disagreement that you have never considered, and I am going to be very … Continue reading I Should Have Been Aborted


The Beginning of the Journey

I appreciate the encouragement to write.  I keep writing here as I can but to do something more serious, such as a book, isn't possible at this point. I live everyday under enormous weight. Just to stand takes an unbelievable amount of strength. Not bragging or whining, just saying. I still struggle mightily with the … Continue reading The Beginning of the Journey

A Little Something for the Drama Free Crowd

I see all these posts and gifs and quotes about wanting to be drama free. I think we need to agree on a definition of what drama is first. The dictionary says: "an exciting, emotional, or unexpected series of events or set of circumstances." Sounds like a normal bit o' life to me. Whats so … Continue reading A Little Something for the Drama Free Crowd

Betrayal, the Gift that Keeps on Giving

There is a reason people don't stay together after a betrayal, every day is a constant reminder of the dirty deed. Whether you are the betrayer or betrayed its ever-present and only a moment from escalating any situation. Today I was reminded of my deed of shame, its like a knife that's permanently stuck in … Continue reading Betrayal, the Gift that Keeps on Giving


Today, it's just another day in life, roughly 21,353 days of living. When I see that number I am disheartened. When you subtract working, sleeping, being a child etcetera it takes away from that number significantly.  I come up with 2,522 days of total freedom in 58 years. Thats only 44+ 24 hour periods to … Continue reading Continuation

I Shoulda Stopped Chewing on those Guitar Knobs

We have a cat by the name of Kona. She is a full-blooded cat that comes with all the characteristics of same. She likes to claw everything, she loves to attack Asia, our other cat, with zero provocation, and she has a particular taste for the knobs on my bass guitar. For that reason I … Continue reading I Shoulda Stopped Chewing on those Guitar Knobs