Rehash or Revive?

I am taking the day off from work and felt the need to write again. It has been many months. I am writing because I couldn't face working in that grocery store today knowing that I destroyed a great opportunity to walk in my calling by letting sin into my heart. I was fulfilling God's … Continue reading Rehash or Revive?


It Has Set In

I haven't written in a very long time, in fact I let my subscription lapse and I am back to a basic blog. I figured why spend the money on something I am not using. So forgive this rather brief and unadorned update. I am numb. I live in a miasma of nothingness. I work, … Continue reading It Has Set In

The Music was Silenced

As a child I started playing the violin in the 5th grade. I played in the junior orchestra, a community orchestra and in college as concertmaster of the symphony orchestra. Years later I taught myself to play guitar and began playing in a worship band. That continued for decades as I played in larger and … Continue reading The Music was Silenced

New Title…Same Great and Improved Content!

It's a complicated story but it resolves with a new name. I have blogged for years as the rip[ple] effect but times have pushed me onward and upward. I am now a .com site, so to limit confusion I changed the name to match. If you follow me you are one of 102 people. I … Continue reading New Title…Same Great and Improved Content!