I Can’t Believe

I am a man of many years now. I was born in the sixties and a teen in the seventies. I got married when I was in my late twenties and proceeded to hurtle through life like we all do. Before I knew it I had expended all my energy and not found what I … Continue reading I Can’t Believe


I Should Have Been Aborted

Right now, in our country, the debate is raging over who should be our next president. One of the most polarizing issues is based on the ever caustic arguments over abortion rights. Well, I am going to put a twist on this disagreement that you have never considered, and I am going to be very … Continue reading I Should Have Been Aborted


A short and to the point post here. 30% of all internet traffic is related to pornography. More than Netflix, Hulu and Amazon combined. Let that sink in... Some of you say what's the harm, while others know the devastation of pornography. It often doesn't stop with just viewing it, it progresses to much more. I … Continue reading 30%

Choose Wisely, Grasshopper

Getting fat, losing my hearing, and living on the edge of sanity. It's not as dire as all that yet, however it feels like it. Life has been kicking my ass for a few years now, recently cleaning up the floor with me. I'm just a dirty old mop head. A worthless price of crap … Continue reading Choose Wisely, Grasshopper

A Little Something for the Drama Free Crowd

I see all these posts and gifs and quotes about wanting to be drama free. I think we need to agree on a definition of what drama is first. The dictionary says: "an exciting, emotional, or unexpected series of events or set of circumstances." Sounds like a normal bit o' life to me. Whats so … Continue reading A Little Something for the Drama Free Crowd