The Stuff

I am surrounded by things I have put value on. My guitars, my stereo and records, my clothes, my electronics, all of it.┬áLike you, I know that these things don't provide anything tangible in the way of lasting joy, peace, satisfaction, and security. Yet I pile them up in a vain attempt to fill voids, … Continue reading The Stuff

Searching for…

Relevance. In a world that goes from disaster to calamity to outrage how can we as simple individuals find relevance? In isolation there is a degree of safety but along with that is a distinct lack of connection. My connections are severely limited, but in closer proximity to people I have found misunderstanding, offense, ambivalence. … Continue reading Searching for…

Don’t Wanna Feel

I have never abused drugs or alcohol and never intend too, but I sure would like to medicate these feelings away. If I had some positive thoughts it would be nice, something to look forward to but I don't. My life is pretty much behind me now. Maybe I should look at it like that...whats … Continue reading Don’t Wanna Feel

It is This Month

It always feels like another shoe is going to drop. There isn't any extended peace or joy. I live on the edge of something I cannot describe but it isn't a pleasant place to be. All good is temporary and the pain is the tie that binds. I don't feel like I belong, anywhere I … Continue reading It is This Month

Slipping into Neutral

The Coronavirus Pandemic has done a lot of things to a lot of people during the last few months. I was on the brink of busting out of a long, dark period of life. Hopes renewed and motivated to get after it again. I was in first gear and accelerating, but now I am back … Continue reading Slipping into Neutral

A Day in my Drama of Life

I haven't written in a while, my reasons are many with the main one being I had nothing to say. Today I do. The majority of last year I was in the care of psychiatric services at varying levels. A lifetime of trauma and its resulting damage left me hopeless and without a motivation to … Continue reading A Day in my Drama of Life

Functioning with Mental disease

Maybe you think that someone with mental health issues is beyond help, or that they are somehow unable to function normally. You would be wrong on both counts. In todays world there are many effective treatments for mental disease which allow the informed to live a rewarding and fulfilling life. From medications to therapy people … Continue reading Functioning with Mental disease