Keep Waiting

I am for once at a loss for words. What was and is and will be are colliding and it's a bit of a mess right now. So much is going through my mind, I had to delete a couple hasty blogs and rethink myself. Seems to me I just wrote a song a few days … Continue reading Keep Waiting


Backed into a Corner

This is a followup to the the post called The Financial Side of Mental Illness. Received are the deadlines to start eviction proceedings. This Friday, should we not pay our rent up to date, they will begin. The financial cost of mental illness is staggering, at least it has been for me. This is just the latest … Continue reading Backed into a Corner

Who Shall Help the Helpless?

I was wondering today... am I the helpless or the helper? I do not know the answer. Sometimes I feel like I am the least of those able to provide strength and truth to the lives of others. But there are also times power invades my spirit and confidence overwhelms. I have come to a … Continue reading Who Shall Help the Helpless?

New Title…Same Great and Improved Content!

It's a complicated story but it resolves with a new name. I have blogged for years as the rip[ple] effect but times have pushed me onward and upward. I am now a .com site, so to limit confusion I changed the name to match. If you follow me you are one of 102 people. I … Continue reading New Title…Same Great and Improved Content!

New Content and a New Look! Coming Soon!

It's been years in the making, four years to be exact. Soon I will be debuting a new site with video blogging and musical content. What has gone from inspired to necessity I will be taking up a notch. I hope you will find the new format interesting, informative and entertaining. Thanks for your continued … Continue reading New Content and a New Look! Coming Soon!

A New Chapter, Join Me!

It is time to take my blog to the next level. I cannot communicate as effectively as I want to merely typing words day after day. I need to have a voice, a visible face to address the great ether beyond my limited reach. I have been writing now for over 4 years. In that … Continue reading A New Chapter, Join Me!

Pettiness of Everything

Just a simple question. Why its our society so infatuated with the silliness of life, the petty, the inconsequential? At the same time ignoring the importance of issues which should be demanding our implicit attention. It's a sickness of insults, supposed importance, trite subjects and even less important people. Why are the things which should … Continue reading Pettiness of Everything