Hell Yes I am Angry

Beneath the arguments for the reality of my mental illness, behind the cloak that protects my abuser, away from the religious environments that denied me justice, exists a toxic anger simmering constantly. I am angry.  I ....am ..... angry. I fight a battle every day. I fight ignorance, apathy, acceptance, judgement, hate, condemnation, fear, blame, … Continue reading Hell Yes I am Angry


A Story…How He Loves

How He Loves Today... today I was reminded of this song and the story behind it, I was moved again. I felt emotions I haven't for quite a while. You might even say that it inspired me to make a move back towards God. It's been some time since we've spoken. Please take the time … Continue reading A Story…How He Loves

Where Is the Justice?

Why do victims of violence have to get over stuff? Why are those who perpetrate violence getting away with it? This is the essence of my post today. Those who've gotten over something wonder why others continue to struggle with it. They can't understand why someone who has been severely traumatized won't let go. Here's … Continue reading Where Is the Justice?

Being Too Nice

My wife commented yesterday that she was happy I got my meds adjusted because there is a palpable difference in my outlook and demeanor. For her sake I am glad. The truth is that this more acceptable exterior belies the continuing raging storm within. I suppose its good to think better about myself, not be … Continue reading Being Too Nice

My Shrinking Life

We are all born into a whole world of possibilities, they lie right there before each of us. I am among the most privileged when it comes to my race and country of origin, and I also possess some amount of gifting and talents which were at one time the fulcrum on which my future … Continue reading My Shrinking Life

Secrets and Lies-Protecting the Abuser

I have repeatedly watched the 2015 movie "Spotlight' and read much concerning the epidemic of abusive priests in the Catholic Church. My emotions have run the gamut of anger to tears as I recall my own personal experiences of being sexually abused at the hands of my father, and the enabling of a mother who … Continue reading Secrets and Lies-Protecting the Abuser

Moving, just moving…

There is a place for anger, to question establishment and to be vocal and want answers. However, there is a need and desire deep in my soul for more than that alone. I want to find peace in my storm, grace for others, empathy for the less fortunate, and discover joy that has eluded me. Can I … Continue reading Moving, just moving…

How we Create Rifts and How we can Avoid Them

The image above is an extreme visual metaphor which shows how many of our conversations can end. (Do not try this at home!) I know something about offenses, unfortunately, we all do. We have been the cause of other peoples anger, misunderstandings, and even the dissolving of relationships. There are rifts between us and others that should not exist; some are … Continue reading How we Create Rifts and How we can Avoid Them