Tortoise or Hare?

Processing mental health can come at different paces with varying results and that's perfectly fine.We, and those around us can at times put pressure on ourselves to make progress at a defined rate of speed. But here is a little bit of news for everyone. Nothing happens according to your desired plans. Sometimes there are … Continue reading Tortoise or Hare?

The Guilt Machine

Does anyone else have a motor that never stops running? One that produces an upset stomach, anxiety, a sense of wrong-doing about everything you do? Guilt that runs out of control all the time. It doesn't matter what I am doing or how I am doing is just staring me in the face no … Continue reading The Guilt Machine

A Moment of Silence

Lets us remember the silent scores of those who have experienced childhood sexual abuse. There are many who have quieted the voices by committing suicide. Some have ended up committed to psychiatric institutions, jails and prisons across our country. Still others have struggled through their lives trying to create some sense of normalcy. Some have … Continue reading A Moment of Silence


Hopelessness is a dangerous feeling. It can poison and destroy a persons entire being. For me, I see hopelessness translate into a lack of motivation that has infected me from my mind right through my bodies individual molecule. Every possible escape from it is met with subtle yet powerful forces that strong-arm me into malaise. … Continue reading Little…

Changes Brewing

As a previous post stated, financial difficulties seem to mirror mental health problems. I find myself in this type of situation, a little background first. It's been a few years coming, this cruel hiatus from life dealing with my slow burn into oblivion.  Since being a teenager I always seemed to be able to recover … Continue reading Changes Brewing

Debt and Mental Health

"People with mental health issues are three-and-a-half times more likely to be in problem debt than those without such conditions, analysis suggests.  This link was even stronger for certain conditions such as bipolar disorder and depression, the Money and Mental Health Policy Institute said." I found this story on BBC news this morning. The link … Continue reading Debt and Mental Health


Today, this is the sense of clutter and disorientation that fill's my mind. Confusion and a severe lack of sense. This is most days... this is all my waking hours and much of my nights. Embracing the chaos and learning to understand my purpose. I will not stop trying to find where I fit into … Continue reading Today..

This is Where it all Began

***Let me preface this blog with a warning.*** I am not going to soften the graphic images I relate too you in words. I cannot. If you are struggling with your ability to withstand the descriptions of sexual abuse I caution you to consider what you do next. These are my memories and recollections. They … Continue reading This is Where it all Began