Civil Tone Please?

I write a blog and I have to admit it can be pretty negative. I am sixty years old and trying to do things the "nice" way seems to be a futile venture. Admittedly a more sharply worded posture of me against the world might be a losing proposition. No one likes a negative nellie … Continue reading Civil Tone Please?


More Than You Can Handle Alone

Having an unpopular approach to the problem of porn in the church has become a badge of honor for me. Complacency and whispers aren't acceptable in my world anymore. Though I spent the better part of my church life doing everything I could do to be accepted, appreciated and respected, I am no longer bound by those … Continue reading More Than You Can Handle Alone

We Are Warriors

I am a big fan of The Hobbit and The Lord of The Rings Trilogies. I will tell you why. They are the sagas of good fighting evil relentlessly in spite of odds that are nearly, if not completely impossible. Time and time again teetering on the brink of annihilation only to somehow stay alive … Continue reading We Are Warriors