Healthy Changes

It has been another long break from writing, just waiting on a reason to put something out there. It's time. I have worked the last five years for a company that deals with the public. Every day was a new challenge and truly never the same. I was in a management position and had, in … Continue reading Healthy Changes


Fork in the Road

If you've followed me at all you may already know where I am going with this. I feel I am at another crossroads. When you journey through mental illness for decades there are many "either / or" choices you must make. The problem is I have made many wrong turns when presented with the option. … Continue reading Fork in the Road

Staying Open to the Supernatural

When we have been deeply hurt, forgiveness is difficult; when we've held onto it for a lifetime it can seem impossible. A while back I tried to haveĀ a more positive voice in my blog. The problem is that what is inside inevitably seeps out, a lot of negativity. At the core of it all I … Continue reading Staying Open to the Supernatural

I’m Sorry, I Don’t Have Time

Years ago I attendedĀ a small church and had for a long time. I was socially challenged, a loner with aspirations in a congregation of 70 people, four of which were my family. I desired to develop a relationship with the worship leader after having been a part of the team for several years. I put … Continue reading I’m Sorry, I Don’t Have Time