I don't know what has happened but now I am officially sick. Two days post colonoscopy and they've both been difficult. I decided against Seroquel because we were going to go out, but here I am sick anyway. It's meds meant to bring me health that end up being a sort of enemy to my well-being. … Continue reading Sick


Just when it seems my symptoms from this latest critical bout with multiple mental disorders is getting somewhat better...BAM! It's been a week of bad news. I had some bloodwork done last Friday and there are concerns with my liver. Levels indicated to my doctor that an ultrasound is needed to further diagnose what's happening. … Continue reading Worried

A Little on the Manic Side

I am definitely bordering on the high end of things lately. Latuda was introduced to my regime to address the Bi-Polar depression symptoms I was having, now I am a little manic. In a world with a choice between the low and highs, heck, I'll take the highs. Still, it will need to be adjusted … Continue reading A Little on the Manic Side

Self-Care…Just Do It! **UPDATE**

Today/Tomorrow is a most dreaded of self-care days. It was a full seven years ago that I had my first colonoscopy, not a fun experience! First the fast, second the solution. I was presented with a gallon jug replete with an orange flavored granulated substance. Once willed with water it was required that I drink … Continue reading Self-Care…Just Do It! **UPDATE**