Time is Not a Healer

This is an old wives tale, I can assure you. Only those who have suffered immense levels of unforgiving pain can tell you this. Through the maze of memories, nightmares and unknowns some are lucky, but time is more of a curse than a healer. As you live year after year, time only compounds the … Continue reading Time is Not a Healer


Another Sunday

People all across the country today are gathering in their chosen places of worship to express their beliefs together. Praying, singing, reading and exchanging hugs and handshakes. They feel warm and fuzzy, encouraged, unified, and a part of something larger than themselves. But.... In the middle of all that are people who feel very alone, … Continue reading Another Sunday

Politics, Religion et al and their Self-Serving Agenda’s

I am fed up with the childish behavior that defines politics in America today. I am sick of the coverage which is tilted and reported overflowing with the sentiments of each ones personal agenda and the networks perspective. Even the so-called independent networks are asking their questions with mocking intent and incredulity. I remember a … Continue reading Politics, Religion et al and their Self-Serving Agenda’s

Taking Back from Porn…Empathy

This is first in a series. When we use pornography we are deprived of many different valuable and essential emotions, concepts and abilities. I mean to name these and make the continued strong case for eradicating porn from our lives. I begin with empathy because this is a profound emotion that is┬ábeing restored to me … Continue reading Taking Back from Porn…Empathy

The Possible Down-side of that Sparkling Personality

Have you ever completed one of those personality surveys? I have done a few in both the business world and in religious settings. I was reminded of this by thinking about interactions I have had over the years and seeing the survey results born out in my life and others. We all love to dwell … Continue reading The Possible Down-side of that Sparkling Personality

It ain’t Genetics…it’s a God Thing!

I really love The Message Bible. In most cases the translation is very helpful in understanding the meaning of a scripture shrouded in the old English style of writing. And in Romans 9 is found some tremendous truth that we would all be advised to understand. Please read the following with a open and humble … Continue reading It ain’t Genetics…it’s a God Thing!

The Confusion Of Our Age / The Last Days

I have been challenged as to how or if I should write about the many impactful current events in our world. From the shootings in Charleston, to the Supreme Courts recent decree, the rise in terrorist attacks, trans gender issues, the Greek debt crisis, and much more. However I decided not to put my words … Continue reading The Confusion Of Our Age / The Last Days