Who Can Compare (Full Video) // Matt Stinton // We Will Not Be Shaken

WHO CAN COMPARE Where would I be If it wasn't for your kindness toward me You've been closer than a friend could ever be There is nothing on the earth That could take your place I am undone For you see all there was and all that will be Yet you've set your vast affection … Continue reading Who Can Compare (Full Video) // Matt Stinton // We Will Not Be Shaken

Get Out Of The Way!

I have been sporadically filling in at a local church, that is between worship leaders, and this week is the last time I will be doing this.¬† They¬†hired a person that they decided to move forward with and so my stint there is virtually over. However, a situation presented itself and I am sure it … Continue reading Get Out Of The Way!

Before You Take The Stage

I don't care if you turn on the lights in the sanctuary, straighten the chairs, play the drums, sing, or run the audio system; we all have a great responsibility to be¬†prepared¬†spiritually for the worship services in which we participate.¬† If¬† you are involved¬†in the presentation of¬†God to¬†your local¬†congregation, you are a worship leader.¬† It … Continue reading Before You Take The Stage